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Camel Trek Info Please note that If the Camel trek is not for you you can still enjoy the sunset in Erg Chebbi sahara dunes with a walk, Quad biking or with 4WD. Read More…

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Visiting the Sahara desert is on most people’s list of things to do while on their trip to Morocco, and getting there is often times easier than you might think. If you are currently in the middle of planning that trip and are wondering about the things you need to know about travelling to the Sahara desert, we got you covered.

First things first, you need to know that all of the Moroccan ergs (sea of sand dunes) are mostly located in the far east of the kingdom, away from big cities such as Marrakech or Fez; so no, you can’t take a one day excursion to Erg Chebbi or Erg Chigaga from Fez, Marrakech, and certainly not Casablanca. You need to plan your trip in a way which will allow for at least one day of driving to the Sahara desert, but don’t worry, the ride there is just as fun and interesting itself.

Another thing that many people have trouble deciding on is the appropriate time of the year to visit. It is common knowledge that the Sahara desert can get extremely hot during the summer (up the 50° C), making it unbearable to be out in the sun or do any activities at all. For this reason, it is actually recommended to visit during fall or spring, which carry generally mild and enjoyable temperatures. If you’re looking for specific months, maybe look at April/May or September/October.

Finally, here are some key things to remember when travelling to the Sahara desert:

  • Pack loose-fitting, lightweight and bright colored clothing. Clothing that covers the shoulders and above the knees is perfect to protect your skin from the sun and also respect the local community.
  • Make sure to bring shoes appropriate for walking in the desert, like hiking shoes and sports sneakers.
  • Sunscreen is also an essential item to protect your skin.
  • You should never venture into the desert dunes and off-path roads without a guide, as it can be difficult to navigate them without experience of the area.

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If you decide to choose Morocco as the destination for your next holidays, then make sure you include a visit to the Sahara desert in your itinerary so that you won’t miss out on this natural gem. Every single part of this experience will entail its own wonders and adventures, but nothing will match the experience of witnessing the Sahara desert at night. Almost all tours passing through the desert are structured in a way that will allow you to spend at least one night over in the middle of nowhere, accompanied by your experienced desert guide of course. You will get the chance to enjoy a sense of piece and quietness like you’ve probably never experienced anywhere else, that of course being after you are entertained with Berber music and drum playing performed by locals.

Perhaps one of the most special things about being at the Sahara desert at night, is the stargazing experience. Since the desert is located so far away from big cities and sources of light pollution, it is inherently a perfect spot to observe a clear night sky decorated with millions of shiny stars. In fact, the Sahara desert is considered one of the world’s best stargazing locations where you can easily spot the Milky Way, meteor showers, or shooting stars.

Finally, one other thing that you can take away from a Sahara desert at night experience, is the desert camp experience. This of course depends on the type of desert camp that you will choose to stay at, ranging from minimal nomad-like tents to luxurious camps equipped with modern commodities. With the first option, you will get to experience sleeping in a desert nomad tent, built with goat and sheep hair, which will allow you to learn a little bit more about the nomads’ simplistic way of life. At the second end of the spectrum are luxury camps, which will offer you a more comfortable experience with additions like hot running water and air conditioning.

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Erg Chebbi is the most popular destination for those who come to Morocco to explore the Sahara desert. It is a sea of large formed desert dunes, which can go as high as 150 meters. This makes Erg Chebbi a perfect spot to set up a camp that will allow you to live a genuine desert experience. This Erg is also the most perfectly fitting in a tour from Marrakech or Ouarzazate, if you also want to visit nearby locations such as the Todra gorges.

Erg Chigaga on the other hand, is more far off the beaten path, and you can only get there through a half day camel trek or two hours long 4×4 ride through the desert. However, all the travel is certainly worth it, due to the fact this Erg is the largest, wildest and most undiscovered erg in Morocco. This makes staying at an Erg Chigaga desert camp the goal for many adventurers, looking for a wilder and more intimate desert experience.

Staying at an Erg Chebbi or Erg Chebbi desert camp is a step that you surely don’t want to take out from your Morocco trip bucket list, because this step in-and-of itself brings many other fascinating things with it. When you are visiting the Sahara desert, you are not only there to see some sand dunes. You are there to experience a new part of nature, a new culture and a new way of life. Being at the desert camp brings you one step closer to all of this, while of course being accompanied by locals who will be there for you every step of the way in this new adventure.

When you stay at desert camp in Erg Chebbi or Erg Chigaga, expect things like:

  • Mounting dromedaries and trekking through the majestic dunes, the same way people of the area used to travel and transport their merchandise long ago. Camel trekking is an essential part of the desert culture, and the camel or dromedary is a symbol of perseverance, moving forward, and freedom.  
  • Watching some sort of musical performance by locals; whether that be Gnaoua music played by its original masters, or other sorts of traditional desert music. Desert nomads and locals have always been attached to music and poetry, which is a way for them to connect with their spirituality. Today, it is a renowned art form that they are proud to showcase and share with you.
  • Spending the night in a bivouac desert tent, designed to accommodate people through the hot desert days and its freezing cold nights. These tents were, and still are, used by nomad and semi-nomad people as homes, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens… etc. they’re usually built used goat, sheep, or camel fur and rugs woven by the local ladies.

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